Friday, August 30, 2019

Travel Guide to Mexican Hat Rock.

Mexican Hat Rock was so named due to the resemblance to an upside down Mexican sombrero hat.  Walls along the San Juan River have a design woven through them with varying colors of reds and purples.  The Navajo call it "Mountain That is Coiled"; the design is used by weavers and called "Navajo Blanket".  It represents the giant bullsnake or “Great Serpent” that lives inside; bad luck comes to those who trespass or do not treat the hills with proper respect.

          Location is 69.3 miles from Monticello; travel 50.7 miles along Hwy 191 until it changes to Hwy 163 west of Bluff; travel for 18 miles and there is either a road side pull-in to view Mexican Hat Rock, or make the left turn onto a maintained dirt road, it is 6/10ths of a mile to the base of the formation.

          From the base of Mexican Hat, follow the dirt road around to the right and it will continue down to the San Juan River.

          The formation is accessible year round.

Mary Cokenour

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