Monday, September 19, 2016

Moab Giants Celebrates One Year.

Moab Giants Dinosaur Park

112 West, UT-313
Moab, Utah,  84532

Phone: (435) 355-0288

Hours: Mon thru Sun, 10AM–6PM


On September 1, 2016, from 10am to 1pm, Moab Giants Dinosaur Park celebrated their one year anniversary by giving free access to the public.  Tourists and locals alike were allowed to roam the park, visit the Museum, Theatre, and the much awaited for Paleo Aquarium.  Lunch was provided by the park's Café with delicious sandwiches (pork bbq, apple/turkey, vegetarian), freshly made potato chips, a variety of salads, bottled water and sodas.  Park employees and guides happily gave tours, and answered any and all questions.

Inside the Museum, there are displays of dinosaur skeletons, tracks, and many interactive touch screens featuring information, recreations and games.  There is a short stairway up to the outdoor patio within the museum's tower.  Panoramic views of the area and park are striking!

Panoramic Photo on Tower Wall
 My own view shots from the Tower.

The attraction that will quickly become number one is the Paleo Aquarium; a 3D experience with a dramatic 5D experience at the end, the Megalodon Shark Attack!  Every 15 to20 minutes, a group of 15 are taken into the aquarium by a tour guide.  As you enter the "underground caverns of the laboratories", the 3D glasses go on.  Without the glasses, all you would see are images on screens, but with them on the images are now transformed into the most spectacular water shots.  Denizens of the prehistoric deep swim past the portals, snapping jaws encasing razor sharp teeth.  Seriously, you will swear that this is an actual aquarium full of watery displays featuring live creatures; most awesome sights ever!  Carefully you will enter a chamber and the terrifying fun begins; the 5D experience of sight, sound, touch, smell and movement.  WATCH OUT!!!  It's coming through the glass!!!

Here is a short video of what you will experience; while my camera could only record a slight version of the 3D, my husband was able to transform it into a higher definition of 3D.

Moab Giants Dinosaur Park is great fun for children of all ages, especially the ones still in the hearts of adults; take the family today!

Mary Cokenour