Monday, May 11, 2015

Sand Canyon Trailhead - Canyon of the Ancients.

After doing our shopping at the Walmart and City Market in Cortez, Colorado; Roy and I decided to take Road G back to Utah instead of the usual highway (Route 491). It wasn't lunch time yet, but we certainly had enough food in the back for an impromptu picnic. Road G turns into Route 262 and eventually comes out onto Route 191, in between Bluff and White Mesa, Utah; and yes, it's a scenic drive which I will be writing about later on.

Since we'd already found Sand Canyon Pueblo, we also wanted to check out the trailhead on Road G.  We weren't prepared for the 6.5 mile (one way) hike, but wanted to get a basic lay out of the land.  You will most definitely see the formation, which was the background of Castle Rock Pueblo, before you get to the actual parking area and beginning of the trailhead.  The parking area is slickrock, so once you leave the paved roadway, you are on all natural terrain.

Castle Rock Pueblo is an ancient village dated back to 1250 A.D. which was built around the base of a butte.  It was thought to have contained 16 kivas, 40 rooms and 9 towers.  It was first photographed in 1874 by William Henry Jackson, but as time progressed, photographs kept a record of its deterioration.  All that remains is a small section of logs in a corner near the top of the butte, and a small section of wall at the eastern side.

As I stated before, the trail you will be hiking, or mountain biking on, is all natural; slickrock, sand, rocks, dirt.  Watch for the cairns (small piles of stones) or informational signs that will help you stay on the trail.  We only walked about a half mile in to get an idea of the terrain.  The scenery is quite beautiful, especially seeing lovely flowering plants and cacti thriving in the sandy soil

We have planned to return to the Sand Canyon Trailhead, and definitely be well prepared for the hike.

Mary Cokenour

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