Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hole N" the Rock, the Home, not the Pioneer Trail.

Hole N" The Rock

11037 South Highway 191
Moab, Utah 84532

Phone: (435) 686-2250


Yes, that is a white Jeep at the front top of the hill

Hole N" the Rock is not to be confused with the pioneer trail; it is, in fact, an actual home built instead a sandstone hill.   It is located next to a rest stop area with the steep Blue Hill just beyond; if you're traveling towards Moab, once you get up the hill, the straight away will take you past Spanish Valley and finally into Moab itself.  A simple warning to travelers, even though this tourist attraction is easily seen as you approach from either direction, watch for motorists who suddenly decide to make the turn into the parking lot.  If traveling north, watch for truckers pulling out of the rest stop which cannot be seen until you go around Hole N" the Rock's corner.

This home was built by Albert and Gladys Christensen and was literally a labor of love.  Albert blasted and carved out the sandstone to provide his family with an unusual home.  After his death in 1957, Gladys stayed on to do some finishing touches and remained there until her own death in 1974.  The couple are still there together, buried side by side in an alcove that can be visited.

At the front of the "home" is a souvenir shop which doubles as the entrance to the home's tour; it's only a 12 minute tour and we found it to be interesting and fun.  Photos of the interior are not allowed, but you can see a few photos on the website listed above.  The temperature inside is a standard 68 to 72 degrees all year round; there is indoor plumbing and electricity; Roy and I both thought we would so enjoy living here.  The gardens outside are full of local plant life, such as cacti, and are very attractive to look at, and sit around.

But wait, there's more...


Walking throughout the property, you'll find a Trading Post, General Store and all manner of fun sites such as a miner's car above on a wire to an actual Bigfoot.

At the General Store which has cold drinks, snacks and souvenirs, you will be able to purchase tickets to enter the "Exotic Zoo", and be able to purchase a cup of cut up vegetables. Make sure to save some veggies when you visit the camel, and my next set of photos will show you why.

The Exotic Zoo at Hole N" the Rock is small, but it does have animals that you might never have seen elsewhere before.  There is the African Watusi whose horns can fill a Texas Longhorn with envy; African Ostrich and Australian Emu which seem to never want to stand still for a decent photo; plus several other animals.

...and a bird that you remember eating, but have you seen it alive and completely feathered? The American Turkey (male) and he sure does love to strut around and hiss a whole lot; no gobbling for this gobbler.

Did you remember to save some of those cut up veggies?  Then go over and visit the camel; place a veggie stick in your mouth, put your face near the fence and get a great big smooch on the lips.  I did it after Roy tried it first; I was hesitate because I knew that camels do spit and bite.  This camel, however, is very gentle, and I was surprised on how soft its facial hair and lips were.

Hole N" the Rock is a fun little visit, a good break up from the monotony of driving and it won't take much time out of your schedule to enjoy. 

Mary Cokenour

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