Saturday, March 8, 2014

Carroll's Mustang Rode to Indian Canyon.

The title is a play on three areas I'm writing about today: Carroll Road, Mustang Road and Indian Canyon which are between Blanding North and Monticello. Now I am still writing that series about Montezuma Canyon and how it seems that all roads lead to it. Carroll and Mustang do, just in another of those convoluted ways which I'll write about in sections and then connect.

Remember, I'll keep giving you a map with the road highlighted that I'm writing about; Carroll Road is in green, Mustang Road is in purple, but I'm concentrating on the section that goes north towards Monticello.

Carroll Road (CR 215) is across from Recapture Reservoir; the entrance is on the right just before going over the bridge; that's coming from Blanding and traveling north.  If coming from Monticello and traveling south, make the left after going over the bridge.  This is only a two mile, graded dirt/gravel road that is well maintained and a smooth ride; there are private homes and plenty of no trespassing signs.  The canyon down to the left is Bullpup Canyon; the mountains in the distance are the Abajos.

At two miles you'll reach a junction, this is Mustang Road (CR 207); making a right will take you past the Alkali Ridge Historical Marker (there's your tease); but this write up is taking the left for about two miles to the next junction.  The landscape on both sides of the road is mainly sagebrush or low growing plants; you can walk out to see the canyons on either side.

Two miles is a theme for this post as you'll come to another junction; to the right is Alkali Point Road (CR 204); make the left to continue north on Mustang Road.  While Bullpup Canyon will be stretching upwards on the left of Mustang Road; Indian Canyon will be along the right.  Now we'd only gone about a mile (Ha, fooled you about the two mile theme!) up the road when I made Roy pull over by an electricity tower; the landscape was clearer there for easier walking and I wanted to get some shots of that beautiful Indian Canyon.

I love the zoom lens on my camera; if I had not put it on and started scanning those cliffs, I would not have found the Native American ruins.  Then again, I also have to wonder why I made Roy pull over in that particular spot when I did; guess they were meant to be found.  There is a granary and just a small piece of wall over a ledge; finding them was a thrill.

Continuing north on Mustang Road will bring you out on Route 191, almost directly across from the entrance to Devil's Canyon Campground which is run by the National Forestry Service.  This was just a short little jaunt to give you a breather from the rather large posts I've been doing about Montezuma Canyon.  Don't worry, I'll tie up the loose end and get you there...eventually.

Mary Cokenour

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