Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sand Island Travel Guide

Wow, it was almost one year ago that I wrote up our adventure to Sand Island, and finding the mammoth carvings.  At that time I only showed the one carving, but we went back and found the other one (they're not easy to spot!).  Then life decided to take time away from my writing and devote it to other ventures.  Anyway, the photo folder has 189 photos for me to go through, and then I can write up Part 2 of the Sand Island - Search for the Mammoths.

Which also got me to thinking about adding a new feature to this travel blog...Travel Guides, and my first one will be on Sand Island.

There is a BLM campground there, so you can vacation with rock art on one side, the river on the other.  Other information will be on pets, difficulty of trails, contact information, etc.

I'll include Google Maps directions with a starting point of the traffic light at Monticello, Utah's Main and Center Streets; and the accompanying map.  Remember, technology is not guaranteed to work in the 4 Corners region due to the canyons, mountains, and various other landscapes.  Always have paper maps with you, just in case.

Starting point is traffic light at Main and Center Streets, Monticello

Sand Island

·         Location from Monticello is 49.8 miles along Hwy. 191. The sign and entrance will be seen three (3) miles west, from Bluff, Utah, along Hwy 191, before the Hwy 191/163 junction.  It is 7/10ths of a mile to the campground/rock art areas.

·         Open year round, this BLM Campground has a boat launch site for the San Juan River, camp sites, river ranger station & Native American rock art along the walls encompassing the camp sites; also a one (1) mile loop trail featuring more rock art & hike into a side canyon.

·     Difficulty on trails: Easy; maintained dirt.

·         Camping: open year round, 27 sites, first come/first serve; each site has picnic table, camp fire ring; there are vault toilet; water only available March – October.

·         Pets - must be leashed at all times, owners are expected to pick up after their pet(s).

·         Website:  BLM – Monticello Field Office is located at 365 North Main (Hwy 191), Monticello

·         Phone: (435) 587-1500

As with any archaeological site, do NOT tamper with, or leave any marks, upon the walls.  The rock art is NOT ancient graffiti; it is the historical writings of the ancient Native peoples who lived, and traveled throughout, these lands.

Enjoy the trip!

Mary Cokenour

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