Friday, October 23, 2015

We're Going to Gateway!

Gateway, Colorado that is. Instead of going to the River Road (128) and back to Moab, we made the right turn onto FR 207 to continue on through the La Sal Mountains. This decision turned out to be a very scenic one; the forest was beautiful and serene.

At various points along the road, the forest would open up to the most wonderful views of mesas and valleys.  We'd never gone this way before, so welcomed the new discoveries.
Adobe Mesa, Mary Jane Canyon
Andy Mesa, Fisher Valley

Andy Mesa, Fisher Valley

Even though we had our DeLorme map books, and National Geographic Manti-Lasal (#703) along with us, it was good to see map boards here and there along the road; helped us keep our bearings.

Once we crossed into Colorado, we saw signs indicating mine sites; now while the mines might be closed, be careful walking throughout the forest; never know when you'll step into an open air shaft, or perhaps the wood covering might be rotten enough to give way.  It's best to stay on designated trails.

At one point it opened up to a gorgeous vista of Dolores Point; pretty soon we were winding around and down into John Brown Canyon.  Besides 4 wheel drive vehicles, we passed, were passed, by many an ATV; everyone was having a great time, waving and being quite friendly.

On the way towards John Brown Canyon.

John Brown Canyon is amazing!  We drove through while it was cloudy and the scenery was eye popping; we could only imagine what it would look like in sunlight.  Let my photos do the talking...

John Brown Canyon

Catching sight of The Palisade, as we exited the canyon, we knew we were almost to Gateway.  Gateway is a resort town, but it was pretty dead when we were there.  The warmer tourist season was basically over; there is a general store nearby to provide gas, food, snacks, drinks, etc.  From John Brown Road (which went through the canyon), we made the right turn onto Route 141 which would take us towards Utah. 

The Palisade
Next post will be our travels back to Utah and what we saw, and experienced, along the way.

Mary Cokenour

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