Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nine Mile Canyon - Part Eight.

Well here it is, the last part, well the last part which concerns our March and August 2015 visits to Nine Mile Canyon.  Finding the "Santa Panel" was thrilling, plus there were a few other sites along Frank's Canyon Road; but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Greeted on our adventure by a Mountain Bluebird.

First stop is Daddy Canyon Complex at mile mark 44.0; here's your chance to use restrooms if you need to go as it's the only area along the 50 mile road that has them.  I've posted many photos on previous posts, so there won't be a lot of rock art photos, mostly landscapes.

Just a few rock art sites...

The Dry Wash at Daddy Canyon Complex; go across and there is more rock art to see.

Daddy Canyon and a storm approaching.

44.8 - Spiral

Mile mark 46.0 is a junction; to the right leads to Cottonwood Canyon where the Buffalo Panel, Pregnant Buffalo, The Great Hunt and more rock art sites can be found. However, to the left is a one mile road that now has a name, Frank's Canyon Road and leads to the Santa Panel. This panel was so named due to the human figure holding a whip, while nine "reindeer" are in a line ahead of him (the third, very small one, is probably Rudolph). The reindeer are, more than likely, elk and mountain goats, but still, it's an interesting site to see.

4/10s of a mile along Frank's Canyon Road

White arrow on photo shows the location up on the wall.

5/10s of a mile (at ground level)

8/10s of a mile (at ground level)

In case you have no clue as to what The Great Hunt (mile mark 46.5) is, here's a photo.  We have been to it several times, and always manage to find something new amongst the other rock art in the area.

The Great Hunt
Buffalo drawing at The Great Hunt site.

Back at Daddy Canyon Complex, the view looking westward was stunning.

Here's an option for leaving Nine Mile Canyon, take the Argyle Canyon Road which brings you to Route 191; south of Duchesne and north of Helper.  It's a scenic drive and if you don't mind the extra time, do the drive.

Route 191 looking southwest.
As dusk begins to near, the mule deer come out and they will be on the roadway, so be careful as you drive through.

This Mule Deer thinks it's a Mountain Goat.

Almost to the Nine Mile Canyon sign, we saw this ram who surely needed a good shearing.  He turned, stared at us, his mouth moving silently, but we could tell what he was saying with his glowing eyes...."Get Out!!!"

...and did we!

Mary Cokenour

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