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Nations of the Four Corners/Nations Natural Bridge/Westwater Ruins Travel Guide.

Nations of the Four Corners is a cultural center honoring those who added to the history of the area: Ute, Navajo, Hispanic, and Pioneer.

Location is within the town of Blanding; 21.1 miles south of Monticello along Hwy 191 right onto West 500 South, go 6/10ths of a mile to access parking area.

Five (5) mile loop hiking trail (maintained gravel/dirt) featuring replicas of Pioneer, Hispanic & Native American home life; an observation tower and Prayer Arch.

There is also a five (5) mile loop trail (dirt/rock) to the overlook of Westwater Ruins aka Five (5) Kiva Pueblo & to the one (1) Natural Bridge.

Open year round; open to school field trips, general public & tourists.

Admission: Free.

An across the canyon view of the Natural Bridge & Westwater Ruins is located on West 1600 South.


Address: 580 South 650 West, Blanding, UT, 84511

Phone: (435) 678-4000

Nations of the Four Corners/Nations Natural Bridge/Westwater Ruins

Location: From Nations of the Four Corners, go east on 500 South to return to Hwy. 191 (6/10ths of a mile), make right onto Hwy.191 to go south to 1600 South (USU Trucking School on corner) (1.1 mile).  Make right onto 1600 South.  The paved road dead ends at Utah Department building; continue onto dirt/gravel road to the left (CR 232 aka Ruins Rd.).

Nations Natural Bridge

Travel 1.2 miles to a pull-in for Nations Natural Bridge; there will be a sign indicating the Natural Bridge.

Westwater Ruins aka Five Kiva Ruins

Westwater Ruins aka Five Kiva Pueblo is an outstanding example of ancestral architecture of a cliff dwelling that was occupied about 750 BC to 1275 AD.  Although inhabited from Basketmaker to Pueblo III, the current set of ruins is primarily Pueblo III.  The broad flat plaza of the main central area is the location of the kivas; storage and housing rooms are the room blocks seen behind.  A natural spring in the canyon would account for why the ancestral Puebloans chose this area to reside in.

Continue along road to Westwater Ruins aka Five (5) Kiva Ruins; keep an eye on the canyon walls to the right of the road as there are granaries tucked into it.  The road dead ends at an unpaved parking lot (5/10ths of a mile from the natural bridge), Westwater Ruins can be seen across the canyon, facing northward.  There is a steep, yet easy to hike, trail (dirt & rock), downward to the edge of the canyon face where an unobstructed view of the ruins can be seen.

Total mileage from Nations of the Four Corners to Westwater Ruins is 3.4 miles.

Nations of the Four Corners also has picnic areas, so pick up a meal and enjoy the scenery.

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