Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mule Canyon Roadside Ruin Travel Guide.

Mule Canyon Roadside Ruin

Mule Canyon Roadside Ruin is an open Anasazi habitation site consisting of both above-ground and below-ground dwellings. This site was initially occupied briefly about 750 AD, reaching its peak between 1000 and 1150 AD.  Pueblo ruins consists of 12 rooms, a reconstructed Kiva, and remains of a tower.

·        Location is 44.8 miles from Monticello; take Hwy 191 south into and through Blanding, 24.6 miles, until the junction of State Hwy. 95, make a right onto Hwy. 95 and travel 20.3 miles.  There will be a sign indicating the turn off into the parking area.

·         Round trip walking distance is ¼ mile along a concrete walkway; approximate visitation is 30 minutes.  Informational boards are at the Kiva site.

·         Difficulty: Easy

·         Vault toilets, parking area; but no drinking water available.

·         Admission: Free

·         Camping: Not Allowed

·         Pets: Allowed, owners are expected to clean up after pet (s).
 The concrete walkway, and short distance, makes this ruin site very accessible to those with walking disabilities or are wheelchair bound.

 Mary Cokenour

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