Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Few San Juan County Good Things.

There are so many places in San Juan County that I going to.  Then there are the moments, the precious moments when I come upon a sight so wondrous; I'm stopped in my tracks.  Now I write about all Four Corners of the area; Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.  I've been accused of NOT putting the area in a "positive perspective".  Really now?

Well then, let my accusers look at these new photos, and explain to me....what negativity do you see?

Let's start with where I live, Monticello, Utah; one of the selling spots, for golfers, is the Hideout Golf Course which is rated one of the best courses in Utah.  I don't golf; I don't see the sense of chasing a little ball around a dogs on the other hand love this type of activity.  That's not a negative statement, that's a statement of fact that everyone is entitled to enjoy an activity, or not.  Anyway, there is a walking path around the area, and sometimes they do a "find the hidden pottery" treasure hunt during the warmer months.  In the winter, they allow folks to snowshoe and cross country ski over the course.

Hideout Golf Course

Then there is Horsehead Peak; during the warmer months it might be hard to see the outline of the horse head; glare from the sun is mostly the cause.  At one time the National Forest Service allowed people to go up and trim the tree line to help keep the shape from diminishing; it's natural by the way, but that's been stopped.  When snow comes down though, you can't help but see it.  In the warmer months, take Johnson Creek Road (FR 079) from North Creek Road (Monticello), all the way through to Blanding; you'll pass right underneath the horse head itself.

Desert Horned Lizard

This year, I was lucky enough to finally see and hold a Desert Horned Lizard, aka Horny Toad.  With the encroachment of development in the area, they are becoming scarce, and that is a true shame on humanity.  Nature is still being taken for granted, but hopefully, with my writings and photos, folks can understand the value.

Horses; intelligent, majestic, a true friend when treated well; San Juan County has some of the most beautiful examples of this great creature.  I get a kick watching them play, especially when the foals are bouncing around.
North of Blanding, Utah is Recapture Reservoir; manmade and used for boating, camping, hiking; and fishing, but with all the pollution from dumping...I wouldn't eat those fish.  There you go, a negative've caught me stating a fact that some people do not value this resource.  However, it is a beautiful area; the Abajo Mountains covered with snow, the sky a crystal, clear blue.  Even in the summer, there is a soft breeze that comes through to help cool visitors down.
Now I adore these little guys, the Praying Mantis; I often find them in my yard.  I pick them up when I can and deposit them into my herbal garden.  I've created little hidey holes where they can stay safe from cats wandering around.  I really hope the females will lay their eggs, and I'll have loads of new buddies to keep my gardens free of nasty pests.
I've already figured this out, but my friends in the area tell it to me also; those that bad mouth me and my writings; they're jealous, plain and simple.  They read about the adventures I have with my husband, Roy; they look at the photos and proclaim, "It's not fair!!!  I should be doing all this, and enjoying it all; why her!?!"
...and I can explain that too, cause these people never leave the bubbles they've surrounded themselves with.  Again, plain and simple.
Have a great adventure whenever you can; don't let time and the world slip past you.
Mary Cokenour

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