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Nine Mile Canyon Map and Legend - Updated March 2015

For all you visitors to Nine Mile Canyon in Carbon County, Utah; here is the updated map and legend I just finished creating.  Roy and I spent eight hours there on Monday, March 23rd; riding 5-10 miles per hour, noting down odometer readings and taking photographs.  If you've never been to 9 Mile, or it has been awhile, since your last visit; then enjoy finding all the Fremont Rock Art and Ruin sites we found.

Mary Cokenour

Nine Mile Canyon Map

Nine Mile Canyon Legend

Nine Mile Canyon (as of March, 2015)

Located in Carbon County, outside of Wellington (Route 6/191), Utah.  An 80 mile road (50 miles west to east; 30 miles south to north); NO services available; private ranches (RESPECT private property/no trespassing signs); touring is FREE; take ALL trash with you; do NOT desecrate rock art and ruin sites.

Set odometer to zero when turn made onto road to Nine Mile Canyon (from Route 6/191 onto Soldier Creek Road – currently a Chevron Station on the corner).  Mileage may vary 1/10th to 2/10ths from mile markers due to curvature of the roadway; many sites are 50 to 100 feet upwards, so be prepared to park, exit vehicle and look.  There will also be signatures with dates going back to the 1880s of pioneers, ranchers and visitors coming through the area.  Do NOT leave your mark!

Mile Mark

05.7 – Dugout Canyon Mine, road goes southward...

12.7 – Mine Buildings and Offices; north side of road.

21.1 – Entrance to Nine Mile Canyon.

24.0 - Nine Mile Ranch and Campground; south side (odometer read 23.8).

26.7 – First Site (rock art site); north side of road.

27.7 – Cottonwood Glen Picnic Area; south side.

29.7 – “Bolo Man”; north side, approx. 100 feet up

31.2 – “GB 1934”; north side, ground level.

31.5 – “Tug of War” panel; north side, ground level.

31.8 – Argyle Canyon, road travels northward; rock art half mile on eastern wall.

32.1 – Deer Panel; north side, approx. 100 feet up.

32.2 – Snake figure; north side, approx. 150 feet up.

32.4 – “Man with Antlers”; north side, ground level.

32.5 – Balanced Rock, north side of road; rock art around base of rock and along walls   
            extending back from Balanced Rock; includes “The Juggler”.

32.6 – Snake and Dot Panel; north side.

33.3 - Abandoned Homestead, rock art panel behind old truck, north rock wall.

33.6 - Harmon Canyon, road travels southward; upper walls on north side of main road have
              panels of rock art.

34.3 – “Towers” rock formation up on south mesa; Snake on north side, approx. 200 feet up.

34.8 – “L. Wilkinson”, Bird Panel; north side, approx. 50 feet up (across from Fasselin Ranch – no

35.2 – Jagged Line and Snake; north side, approx. 200 feet up.

35.5 – Panel of Various Animals; north side, approx. 50 feet up.

35.7 – Spider/Snowflake, Fish-like Animal; north side, approx. 50 feet up.

35.9 – Panel of Patterned Lines, Birds, Goats; north side, approx. 100 feet up.

36.1 – Oddly shaped curved figure, Bug-like shape; north side, approx. 50 feet up.

36.4 – Signatures from 1881, 1888, 1893 plus rock art; north side, ground level.

36.5 – Three separate panels featuring man with headdress, hand print, animals; north side, approx.
              100 feet up.

36.6 – Triple dot marking on east wall of canyon; man with horns and spirals on north side,
              approx. 100 feet up.

36.7 – Series of small circles; north side, approx. 30 feet up.

36.8 – Faded rock art, signatures dating 1916, 1928, 1964 – north side, ground level.

37.0 – Tree and fish, “WC Carroll 1888”; pointed rock with carved lines (near mud swallow nests);     
             north side, approx. 50 feet up.

37.2 – Five panels of various rock art; north side, approx. 30 feet up.

37.6 – Carvings of Spirals and Geometric Shapes; Spider/Snowflake and Lizard; north side.

37.8 – Mud Swallow nests upper north wall; inscription from 1818 carved along bottom of wall.

37.9 – Faded Deer; north side, ground level.

38.0 – Slanted lines, small deer and stick-like figure; north side, ground level.

38.2 – Stone house, north side of road; “Indian” wall with timber and rock art behind corral

38.2 – Nutter Ranch.

38.7 – 30 mile road northward to Gate Canyon, Trailheads, Summit Vista, Smith’s Well; ends on
           Route 40.  Rock art past the road of Spirals and Mountain Goats; north side, 300 feet up.

38.8 – Two sections of Rock art; north side approx. 6 feet from ground level, behind bushes.

38.9 – Rainbow, Circles with Lines; north side, ground level.

39.0 – Short Trail leading into small canyon area; rock art panels high up on walls (right side)
            halfway up trail.

39.1 – Reindeer panel; north side, approx. 30 feet up.

39.2 – Granary with wood logs and thatched roofing located high up on northern wall.

39.5 – Series of Dots; north wall, high up; across from cattle yard.

40.2 – “10-31-1956”; north side.

40.8 – “The Giant”; north side of road; immense giant human form carved into wall face;                    
                ground level.

41.0 – Granary high up on southern wall; park in parking area, look up and southwest.

41.6 – Spirals, Men with Bows and Arrows; north side.

41.7 – Granary almost at ground level; north side.

41.8 – Ground level stone walls and fire ring; “cowboy camp”; north side.

41.8 - Corner Granary high up on wall; look up and northeast (rock around granary looks like a
                 lizard, granary tucked under its “chin”).

41.9 – Prickly Pear ATV Trail; southward.

42.4 – Round Granary (timber visible) high up on wall at edge of ledge; look up and northeast.

43.0 – X on far wall, Rock formation forms small arch; north side

43.8 – Dry Canyon ATV Trail, road travels southward.

43.9 - Rasmussen Cave, fenced in cave with rock art; property owner sprayed painted “no         
             trespassing” warning over red deer/elk; north side.

44.0 – Daddy Canyon Complex, north side; numerous rock art sites; trail over dry wash
             leads to more rock art sites; restroom facilities available on south side of road.

45.9 – Fremont Village, south side; extremely steep trail leads upward to reconstructed
               Pit House; buried Kiva passed along way (overlooks main road).

46.0 – Cottonwood Canyon, road travels southward.

46.1 – The Big Buffalo; rock art located behind sign; trail to Big Buffalo panel north side;   
               Pregnant Buffalo located on wall behind fenced in area (Access Closed).

46.3 – The Great Hunt; rock art panel on south side plus moon phases, various animals and            
                  symbols along walls.

46.5 – “Plant Life” Panel; south side.

46.6 – Inscription from 1915 carved onto south side wall.

46.8 – Paved roadway ends; unmaintained paved road that narrows and has blind curves begins; be
               aware of oil company vehicles.

50.2 – Oil company guardhouse; STOP; guard will inform when road is clear to continue to Route 123.


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