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John Wesley Powell River History Museum

John Wesley Powell River History Museum

1765 East Main Street (Exit 164 off I-70)
Green River, Utah, 84525

Phone: (435) 564-3427

Website:  or

Outdoor Historical Information Boards

Major John Wesley Powell was born 1834 in Mount Morris, New York (go NY!); served in the Civil War where he lost his right arm at the Battle of Shiloh; and led the first expeditions down the Green and Colorado Rivers in 1869 and 1871.  The first expedition consisted of ten men; four boats; began in Green River, Wyoming; and ended in the Grand Canyon.  Powell and his men mapped out the rivers as they ran through, then, unchartered canyons and rode rapids that would scare the bejesus out of anyone.

After a friendly greeting at the information desk and paying the entrance fee, you'll be taken to the auditorium to watch a snippet of "Journey Into the Great Unknown".  I highly recommend you purchase the full length (1 hour, 20 minutes) version which only costs $20.  This film was presented at the Houston International Film Festival; won the Special Gold Jury Award; and uses a special film technique called "ghosting".

After the film, enjoy the museum and art gallery, but don't bypass the gift shop before leaving.

River Runners Hall of Fame

History of the Ancient Peoples and John Wesley Powell

Push the red buttons and hear this explorer tell his story.

Art Gallery

Boat Room

Two of the original boats from the 1869 expedition are on display.

Dinosaur Room

The River History Museum also acts as the Visitor Center containing a multitude of pamphlets and booklets about Green River and its surrounding areas.  The gift shop is loaded with books, artwork, Native American pottery and jewelry, t-shirts, local foods such as huckleberry and prickly pear cactus syrups, jams and honey; and much more!

I love wolves, so this is my favorite by Joseph S. Venus.  His artwork collection can be viewed at:
Instead of bypassing Green River in a rush to get to Salt Lake City, make the stop and visit the John Wesley Powell River History Museum; it's a worthwhile adventure!

Mary Cokenour

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