Friday, September 4, 2015

Moab Giants Dinosaur Park is for Kids of All Ages.

Moab Giants Dinosaur Park

112 W, SR 313
Junction of Route 191 and 313
Moab, Utah, 84535

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Hours of Operation: 
Seven Days a Week
10am to 6pm

The Moab area, in fact all of Grand County, is famous for the Paleolithic discoveries within the many levels of sandstone formations, as well as the desert sands.  A long time coming to Moab is a museum dedicated to these finds; also a research facility to house artifacts and aid those who study them. 

Well, that time has finally arrived, welcome to Moab Giants Dinosaur Park!  The 44-acre park includes outdoor walking paths with life-size dinosaur replicas, a museum, two theaters, a café, and storage facility for artifacts. It will also act as a facility for researchers, and promote the preservation of paleo artifacts and findings.  Moab Giants is the dream child of Polish paleontologist Gerard Gierlinski, and is part of the Paleo-Safari project, an organization that is dedicated to the study and preservation of dinosaur tracks throughout the world. Paleo-Safari has already constructed several similar parks around the world which have become highly successful. Moab Giants also has the support of the Polish Geological Institute, several international paleontological organizations and the University of Colorado.

Pre-opening day was Tuesday, September 1, 2015; the Grand Opening will be March 1, 2016; I and a friend were lucky indeed to get there for the pre-opening.  The large parking lot was already half full by the time we arrived at 12 Noon.  Walking through the gates, friendly staff members were there to answer questions and direct you.  Now all of the exhibit areas are not ready, but they will be opened up to the public upon completion.

Looking out over the park, it's hard to resist not immediately going to play; but to the museum we wandered.  The Tracks Museum is an interactive museum with many examples of fossilized discoveries, detailed informational plaques, and computerized consoles.  There is also a game area for one to two players, depending on the game chosen.

Watch Out!

After the museum, it's recommended you see the short film at the Gateway Theater which is a 3D theater.  The Paleo-Aquarium is a 5D experience where aquatic creatures of the paleo eras will be seen up close and personal; it was not ready for viewing at the pre-opening.

Now comes the truly fun part, the Dinosaur Trail and "Dig It Out" sand pits.  Feast your eyes (no touching allowed) on life sized recreations of dinosaurs that lived throughout the various eras.  The informational boards are outstanding, giving details galore on each creature.  This trail was a half mile loop, but as the other trail sections are developed, there will be longer walks with many other surprises around every bend.  The "Dig It Out" sand pits have recreated bones and plates from various species for you to uncover, touch and hold; this is the only touching area along the walking trails.

Y'all Come Back Now, Y'hear.

Dig It Out sand pits.

Dinosaur Replicas Created by Dino-
Products of Poland

A Living Descendant - A Dragonfly.
To exit the park, go through the gift shop (with hard to resist good things to buy), or step into the café for a cold drink, or light meal.

Wow, this was an awesomely fun experience; wait till the Grand Opening in March 2016; it's going to be stupendous!!

Mary Cokenour


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