Friday, September 18, 2015

Nine Mile Canyon - Part Six.

This write up is going to entail only two miles 36 to 38; there is so much to see, you'll be crawling along.

Mile Mark 36.1 through 36.4

36.1 - "Bug Man"



36.3 - Look upwards to the overhang; rock art inside.

36.3 - "Rattlesnake"
 36.4 has many signatures from the 1800s.

Mile Mark 36.5 has five separate panels of rock art.

Mile Mark 36.6 through 36.8

36.6 - Horned Human Figures



36.7 - Faded Name

Series of Circles

36.8 - Signatures from various years.

36.8 - Faded Rock Art

Mile Mark 37.0

Notches carved in stone.

Mudswallow Nests.

At 37.1 is an example of desecration; I already contacted Carbon County about it when I sent them the copy of the new map and legend; hopefully it will be removed without harming the rock face further.  If you see anyone doing vandalism, take their photo, photo of their vehicle and make sure to get the license plate.  Report vandalism to the BLM Price Field Office, 125S 600W, Price, UT, 84501; telephone 435-636-3600.

Mile Mark 37.2 has five separate panels of rock art: triangle people, fields, animals and various other figures and forms.

Fields, People, Animals and Other Forms

Signature of Bryce Des Gilbert

Triangle People
37.3 - Bisected Field and Deer

Mile Mark 37.6 through 37.9

37.7 - Spiral

37.8 - Ed Gee  July 3, 1818

37.9 - Faded Deer with an Extra Long Neck

That's it for part six of the Nine Mile Canyon journey; hope you're enjoying the photos and feel enticed to do a bit of exploring yourself.

Mary Cokenour


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