Monday, September 21, 2015

Nine Mile Canyon - Part Seven.

So now I'll be showing you mile mark 38 to the end of mile mark 43; besides loads of rock art, we found several granary sites. Oh yeah, another one of those "ducks"....a crane actually, and this one is standing on one leg while resting the other.

Mile Mark 38.0

Now I know the "stick figures" are modern graffiti, so try to focus on what lies beneath and around it.

Sort of near the center; a crane resting on one leg.

Series of slanted lines.

Mile Mark 38.1 - Faded Circle and Deer.
Mile Mark 38.7

This is the location of the road through Gate Canyon, heading up northward to Duschene.  West and East of the roadway, there are rock art sites upon the walls.



Now don't go speeding off down the road; mile mark 38.8 and 38.9 are full of drawings and carvings to feast the eyes upon.  Once again, keep hands off!

Mile Mark 38.8

Most of the rock art is at ground level, but hidden by bushes during the summer months; after those leaves fall, the real beauty appears.

However, you might just want to look upwards about 300 feet to see the spiral and mountain goats.

Mile Mark 38.9

Working the Fields.

Rainbow and Sun.

Mile Mark  39.2

This area has an unusual granary; it is high up in the crevice of the walls; depending on how the sunlight hits it, the granary can be easily spotted, or completely hidden.  At ground level, there are faded mountain goats; looks like part of the panel cracked off and fell to the ground at sometime.

At 39.5, there is a series of dots in, what seems to be, the top and bottom of some figure.  Someone on a rock art Facebook site suggested the "series of dots" designs could be related to the stars, and their locations in the night sky.
40.1 - Man Riding a Horse

40.4 - Faded Mountain Goat
40.4 - Oct 31, 1956 Date plus Rock Art

Mile mark 40.8 is an exciting panel; it is a full depiction of a pueblo, with a giant sized horned figure nearby.  This panel is around the corner from a figure I have already called "The Giant" which is at ground level; the pueblo is approximately 50 feet upward.  We didn't see it, at first, when we traveled east along the roadway, but on the way back west, "Oh My!!!".

40.9 - Faded Panel with various figures.
At 41.0, there is a pull in area with gas pipes; park and look in a southwesterly direction; there is a granary plus more ruins on a ledge.
Mile Mark 41.3, stop at the cattle guard, there is rock art on the walls.

Mile Mark 41.7 is a granary sitting at roof level of the average vehicle.
Mile Mark 41.8 is a bit amusing; first, at ground level, is a man riding a bull.  Now we need to use some imagination; everyone knows the Geico Gecko; well start imagining what he looks like.  Look up and north, there is a granary tucked under his chin.

Mile Mark 42.4
High up on the walls, northeast, is a small, round granary and there are still some timbers visible.

Mile Mark 41.3
Pillars of Stone form an arch; someone marked "X" as the spot; wavy lines could be several snakes going after the mountain goats.

Almost done folks; 43.3 looks like there might be ruins up on the ledge, but I couldn't see any when I blew up the photo on a larger screen; do love the layers of color though.
43.7 is a mystery; it's a home, but whether it's modern graffiti, or ancestral, I cannot tell you.  
...and that's it for part seven of Nine Mile Canyon.  Part Eight will begin at mile mark 44.0 - Daddy Canyon Complex.
Mary Cokenour

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