Saturday, June 22, 2013

See Forever at Anticline Overlook

The third major road at Canyon Rims Recreation Area is to Anticline Overlook (CR 132), a semi-graded gravel and dirt road and at its end, well on a clear day you can see forever. From the entrance off Route 191, the road will eventually come to a "Y" intersection at 14.5 miles; go to the left for Needles Overlook, go right to get to Anticline. Don't be tempted to take Looking Glass Road, just off the Anticline road, just yet; it's full of interesting sites, but will lead full circle back to Route 191. The road to the Anticline is chock full of sites all on its own; a few trailheads too that hubby and I still have to explore one of these days like Trough Springs. Ok, get ready for this, there is a 6 mile dirt road that leads to "Canyonlands Overlook"; bad news is there is no sign and you have to guess its location even if you're using a map. Weird, I know, but that's the gist of that trail, and we just couldn't be bothered to find it this time around.

Along the way you'll see a sign "Scenic Viewpoint" and a smaller sign with a picture of a camera on it.  There is space to park along side the road; however you still have to do a little walking out to the viewpoint itself.  The road to Anticline Overlook is also called Hatch Point Road, so you'll basically be looking out at another viewpoint of Hatch Point.  It is breath taking and never gets boring to look at.

Arch hunters will appreciate this next bit of information; Wine Glass Arch and a nearby tunnel like arch that doesn't seem to have acquired a name as yet.  There is a very short dirt road that will allow you to get nearer for a better viewing of both.

Wine Glass Arch

Arriving at the Overlook itself, you'll be walking around on sandstone, over large rocks and gravel paths; there is a shaded viewing area at the top with informational boards.

The view from the top is "WOW"!!!  The views from right or left go on forever, or it seems to.  Almost straight ahead are the Solar Collection Ponds for potash (water soluble salt containing a potassium compound); follow the ponds to the Potash Processing Plant located on Potash Road just outside of Moab; the land stretching out below is part of the Cane Creek Anticline.

Cane Creek Anticline

Yes, that is the Colorado River winding its way throughout.

Just keep following the view northward and you can actually see into Arches National Park; the line following Balanced Rock to Cove of Caves and the Windows.  The views from Anticline can reach as far as Islands in the Sky and Dead Horse Point.  A further example of why I say that on a clear day, you can see forever.

Walking southward through the Anticline viewing area gives a whole other perspective of the canyon area.  You should make sure to stop at Minor Overlook to get a closer view of the formations teasing your sight.

Minor Overlook isn't minor at all; especially when you see the formations it offers up to you. It is actually named for BLM Recreation Planner Dave Minor, who cared for the Canyon Rims Recreation Area when it first opened up to the public.

Pyramid Butte

Pyramid Butte lies prominent before you, while the desert tower and desert wall of Lathrop Canyon is to your left.

Lathrop Canyon

There you have it, the third major roadway through the Canyon Rims Recreation Area.  I have to say, as much as I enjoyed traveling the other two, the Anticline Overlook road is my favorite.  Oh, I know there is so much more to see in the entire Canyon Rims itself; I'll get to it, you can bet on that.
Mary Cokenour

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