Saturday, March 28, 2015

CR 288 and CR 291; Two Roads off State Highway 95.

After exploring the various San Juan County roads off of Routes 191 and 491; it was simply a given that we would begin exploring the roads off of State Highway 95. It's the "wanderlust" thing; the "where does this road go" thing; and we are addicted to those things. By the way, if you happen to be an ATV enthusiast, you will love these roads I'm writing about.

Lets me start off with Warren Allen Road (CR 288); it's only 6.5 miles itself and ends on CR 277 which I'll write about at a later date.  Basically lined with shrub trees and bushes, an occasional glimpse of a canyon, and pretty boring for the most part when it comes to sight seeing.  About 2.4 miles up, you'll come to a split to CR 2571 which will take you back to State Highway 95, or continue on to CR 277.  It's the dirt trails leading off to the left and right of these county roads that ATVers will enjoy.

Dry River Bed

The next road was a lot more scenic, and we got some get views of Cottonwood Canyon; West Water Oil Well Road (CR 291).  Sorry folks, no mileage reading for this road; we were having too much of a good time to pay attention to an odometer.  There was plenty of evidence though that ATVers love this area.

Cottonwood Canyon

Standing at the edge of the cliff, taking photos, when suddenly we heard two ravens calling to each other.  We turned just in time to watch them take flight over the canyon; it was so silent out there, that the flapping of their wings was the only sound we heard.  A slight breeze touched my face, and I wonder if it came from their wings.  We didn't move, I didn't take one photo of them; I didn't want to ruin the moment with the click of the camera shutter.  Sometimes you just have to enjoy a scene with your senses, and keep it in your memory.

Mary Cokenour

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