Thursday, December 11, 2014

Scenic Lodging in Monticello, Utah.

Canyonlands Lodge at Blue Mountain

6198 Highway 191
Monticello, Utah, 84535

Phone: (435) 220-1050
Fax: (435)304-2045


Located 10 to 11 miles (depending how the raven feels like flying that day), south on Highway 191 from Monticello, is Canyonlands Lodge; and a variety of cabins for those seeking a unique lodging experience.  A big hint on how to know you've truly found the road to the Lodge, and its many cabins...look for the scarecrow (appropriate dressed for the seasons) waving "HI!" on the wagon.  This establishment is a haven for hunters, families looking for a wilderness experience with perks, reunions and retreats; and overlooked by the beautiful Abajo Mountains.   Jerry Murdoch is the go-to person for setting up the rentals, and informed me that the local Quilt Guild holds their three day retreat here.

Lets take a look inside the Lodge which contains a kitchen, dining room, Great Room, playroom and many bedrooms with comfy, cozy beds within beautifully carved bed frames.

The Great Room

The Kitchen and Dining Room

 The Master Suite

The Lower Level

The Playroom

The Loft

Looking out from the porch of the Lodge, there are outstanding views; the Abajo Mountains can be seen from the back of the Lodge.

Family not huge enough to rent out the Lodge; how about one of the many cabins on the property?  Also, there are stables if you need to give your horse(s) a cozy place to rest during your stay...The Horse Hotel.  I will only be showing you two of the cabins...the Ranch Cabin and the Canyonview Family Cabin.

The Ranch Cabin

Canyonview Family Cabin

I do hope you've enjoyed this visual tour of Canyonlands Lodge and Vacation Cabins, but it's disclaimer time for me.

Disclaimer: I, in no way, shape or form, solely endorse Canyonlands Lodge; this posting is simply to distribute information regarding alternate lodging in the Monticello, Utah area, besides hotels and motels.

Mary Cokenour