Saturday, December 13, 2014

Farmington Museum and the "Lost Egypt" Exhibition.

Farmington Museum

3041 East Main Street
Farmington, New Mexico, 87402

Phone: (505) 599-1174

This is also the location of the Conference Center and Visitors Bureau.

Gift Shop

The primary reason for visiting the Farmington Museum was to see the "Lost Egypt" exhibition.  Roy and I are fascinated by the ancient cultures, so this was a treat for us.  I was excited when I found out many of the artifacts came from the Brooklyn Museum (New York); as a child this was my favorite museum, most especially the Egyptian area.  Other artifacts came from the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania); and since I had lived in Pennsylvania too; well it was like a homecoming!  The "Lost Egypt" exhibit will only be at the Farmington Museum until January 4, 2015; then it will move onto a new location, so catch it here, or perhaps in your own area later on.   Photos can only be taken of the activity center; photos of the mummy ("Annie"), her sarcophagus, and other artifacts are not allowed.

So, let me introduce you to "Lost Egypt" through photos of the activity center; we all had lots of fun trying everything out; one of the directors was our personal tour guide and he was chock full of information and stories.

Yes, you can have your photo taken on the camel; he doesn't spit.

After seeing the exhibit, we checked out what else the museum had to offer visitors; well, besides the huge variety in the gift shop.  There is an exhibit of the pioneers moving into New Mexico and the relationship they built up with the Navajo Nation.

The Art Gallery is large; on the walls are paintings by various local artists...and they are for sale!

When traveling around, don't skip those small museums as you never know what wonders they hold within.

Mary Cokenour

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