Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Canyon Rims to Photograph Gap.

Returning to Canyon Rims Recreation Area (CR 133); we were on our way to finding out what there was to see off of North Flats Road (CR 137) past Sugar Loaf (CR 140).  Along the way, ravens kept flying overhead; and with our little raven stuffed toy on the dashboard, we felt watched over.

Staying along CR 137 this time, instead of taking that side road that circled round, it was 5.0 miles before we reached the CR 140 junction.  Like most trails in our area, 4 wheel drive is a must; take your car if you want to, but whatever happens to it is totally on you.   Out here, a standard passenger vehicle equals a 4 wheel drive vehicle, but I've already mentioned this before, and hope you were paying attention.

At 6.8 miles we stopped and I took some shots of where we'd come from (looking northeast); we have the most stunning scenery in San Juan County!

Looking southeasterly, large sandstone mounds loomed ahead; at 7.3 miles, a trail on the left led to them; and to a cave area as well.  We found one of the best nature made playgrounds!  By the way, our adorable Doberman, Jenna, was with us and she was having the best fun ever as well.  It was incredible watching her maneuver up and down the slickrock, sandstone, and along the rims of the formations with such sure footing.  Here and there was a stone campfire ring, so camping is a given; there's more shaded areas near the caves, and at the bottom of the sandstone hills at the back.

Roy and Jenna.

Sculpture by Mother Nature

Roy at the top of one of the sandstone hills.
At the top of the hills, we found the sandstone slides; weathering of the sandstone created them in such a fashion that, instead of complete potholes, slides were formed.

Views from on top of the sandstone hills.

The Abajo Mountains in the distance.

La Sal Mountains in the distance.
Raven in flight.

The Cave area.

Not sure if this is weathering or writing; couldn't get close enough to examine fully.

We reached the Photograph Gap area at 8.2 miles; it's a beautiful area and no wonder Marie Ogden decided to settle here and create The Home of Truth; her cult's settlement.  4/10ths of a mile and we were on Route 211; what remains of the settlement is only 2/10ths of a mile to the east (make a left onto Route 211).

View of the Abajo Mountains.
Driving the trails, whether County, BLM or National Forest, is a must in San Juan County.  Not only do you find the most beautiful landscapes, but plant life, wildlife; and it's the biggest stress reducer that's free!

Mary Cokenour


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