Sunday, September 9, 2018

Shay Canyon - Rock Art Panels - Part 2B

Here I am again, showing you the amazing rock art panels located along the walls of Shay Canyon.  Besides the rock art, make sure to appreciate other features of the landscape.  For instance, this next photograph is one I simply call, "The Head", as this is what it looks like to me.  Many of the formations of Grand and San Juan Counties are named for a very good reason, that's what it looks like!

You might notice a trail here and there that looks like a good way down to the main trail; but don't go yet, there's so much more to see!

The Bear (Not a buffalo or mammoth, it's a Bear)

There will be areas of the trail where you'll walk heel-toe on narrow sections, or walk between the walls and huge boulders.  Just look at it as an adventure and enjoy!

Remember, fear is the mind killer; don't let uncertainty stagnant your life.

Triangle People
Humanoid figures, in the shape of a triangle, can be seen in Sego Canyon (Thompson Springs, UT), Nine Mile Canyon (Wellington, UT) and Capitol Reef National Park.  The Fremont culture was known to have traveled through these areas; they left their writings to tell their stories.

The stones are loose, but you can get through this narrow opening.

Rocks fell to create an "arch"

 Just a few more photos of rock art, a sharing of plant & wildlife; a view from the end of the trail and then we took the easy way up down.  If you take the easy trail upwards first, what I have shown you here will be in reverse, and you will end this wondrous journey at the Pillar.  Remember, these walls are full of stories from an ancient people that have come and gone.  Don't touch, don't deface, just admire and move along.

Roy showing how large the prickly pear cacti were.

Claret Cup Cactus

Desert Lizard

Mormon Tea

The Three Graces (or as someone else named them, but I cannot find and official name listed anywhere.

End of the trail along the walls
Mary Cokenour


  1. We have been coming to San Juan County several times a year for over a decade and thought we were running out of things to see. HA! Your wonderful blog has taught us otherwise. We may never see it all but we sure aren't going to stop looking! Keep up the great work, Mary!

    1. Thank you Michael! I love when my travel blog inspires people to visit. Hopefully we can meet in future & say hi!