Monday, April 23, 2018

Shay Ridge Trail - Here's a Tease.

Shay Ridge, Shay Mountain and Shay Canyon; a trilogy that will soon be completed by Roy and myself.  When it comes to the 4 Corners region, I still have a five page to-do list of sites to visit and things to accomplish.  Just as I cross off one at the top, another three get added to the last page; so is it any wonder I have to live to age 100 to possibly get it all done!?!

The trailhead for Shay Ridge can be accessed at Foy Lake; it begins as FR 104 to 6.2 miles which can be traveled via 4 wheel drive, ATV, mountain bike and hiking.  There are designated camping areas; we found a real beauty at 2.8 miles with stone barbecue and a creek.  At the end of 6.2 miles, the trail (changes number to 162) becomes narrow; nothing larger than an ATV can continue on.  There is a wooden fence there with an opening just large enough for an ATV, but an SUV can't get through.  There's also an informational sign there that lists rules for traveling the next section of this trail.

Along the 6.2 miles, the landscape is quite stunning; within the forest the Ponderosa Pine trees are amazing!  I have to admit that I actually put my arms around one and Roy took a photo.  It was really the only way the size of the trees could be seen without being up close and personal.

This blog post will basically be a tease; it was the first time we went onto the trail, but a sudden thunderstorm moved in quickly.  We hightailed it out and back to Monticello, making it home just as the rain began to pour down.  When we went up a couple of weeks later, the mud slides were apparent; this is an event we certainly did NOT want to be part of.  Oh, we did get to Foy Lake just in time to see a cattle drive; recorded it and the YouTube link will be listed below.

So, enjoy the tease...

Trail is loose dirt, sand and small rocks, but graded for easier travel.

Campground and Creek at 2.8 miles 

Prickly Pear Cactus
 The Cattle Drive at Foy Lake

Cattle Drive Video

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Mary Cokenour

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