Friday, April 22, 2016

Lowry Pueblo Revisited After Two Years.

In February 2014, Roy and I visited Lowry Pueblo, in Colorado, for the first time.  In March of this year, our friend Amy was off for spring break and asked if we would take her there.  She definitely did NOT need to twist our arms for that!  As usual, the ride to the tiny town of Pleasant View was quick and uneventful.  Remember, out here a traffic jam is defined as, "three pickup trucks in front of you, and no passing lane".  The road to the pueblo ruins is a mixture of unmaintained pavement and dirt/gravel; so if you have a delicate rump and don't like being jostled; well you're going to miss out now, aren't you.  I figure it this way, if you really, truly want to experience something, you just do it!  ...and this is NOT an endorsement for Nike.

Once parked in the small lot, the restrooms are nearby, as well as picnic areas with tables; surrounded by trees, it's quiet and serene.  All in all, if just seeing the pueblo ruins and Great Kiva, the walking is about one quarter of a mile or thereabouts.  This is a self-guided tour, informational boards throughout, and guidebooks at the sign-in box at the entrance to the path.  No, this is not indoors; it's outdoors, so no heat in winter, no air conditioning in summer....stop whining!

Not much has changed since we were here two years ago; the trees and shrubbery might be a bit taller and fuller; but the ruins have remained the same.  Lowry Pueblo is definitely a sight to see; and all around are the different mountain. ranges.

Wooden Posts Still Inside the Walls.

A small doorway, bend down and watch your head, leads into lower rooms and a smaller kiva.  There is still plaster on the walls where paintings had once been.

Plaster on Walls.

Fire Hearth

A lower trail from the Pueblo leads to the Great Kiva; stand back and you can make out the figures, created from stones, on the bottom.

Wandering around Lowry Pueblo is an easy hour; bring a picnic and enjoy the serenity.   Better yet, make a visit to Painted Hand Pueblo, it's on the way to Hovenweek National Monument.  Make a day of it!!!

Mary Cokenour

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