Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lunatic Truck Driver on the Move...Keep a Look Out!

This is a copy of a letter and photo I just sent to the San Juan Record and the San Juan County Sheriffs Office.

This morning, I, and my dog Jenna, almost became the next fatalities on Route 191. Attached is a photo of the truck that tailgated my SUV from mile marker 81 on Peters Hill until Lisbon Valley Road. Even though the truck driver had numerous opportunities to pass my vehicle, he maintained a distance of two to five feet behind me. If I increased speed, he did the same; if I decreased speed, he did the same; at times, all I could see in my rear view mirror was the grill of his truck.

Near to Lisbon Valley Road, I began to slow my vehicle down to make the turn, to my astonishment, there was the truck's grill once again in my rear view mirror. I was forced to slide my vehicle onto the gravel and watch the truck come so close to my SUV, that it almost clipped my side view mirror. If I had reached my arm through the driver side window, I could have touched the truck itself.

I had my camera ready and was able to take a couple of shots of the truck as it sped away; unfortunately I cannot make out the license plate. Perhaps law enforcement has the technology to do this? This truck driver should not only lose his job, but his license and be charged with reckless driving, reckless endangerment and attempted vehicular manslaughter. He made the decision to take the life of myself, and my dog, into his own hands without our permission!

This truck driver needs to be made an example of, and I hope law enforcement can track him down and bring him to justice!!!

Unfortunately, all I could remember of the license plate was that it began with "T65...", I could not make out the state.  I also was too busy concentrating on staying on the road to be able to use one hand to write down the plate information.  Perhaps a business or company somewhere will see this post, check their records and realize who the driver was from his log book.  The truck company is: R & L Carriers; http://www2.rlcarriers.com/ and I am sending them a copy of this also.

Considering there was a horrific accident on Sunday, July 6, 2014 which caused the deaths of seven individuals; that number includes an unborn child; drivers are still treating Peters Hill and Route 191 as their own personal NASCAR race track.  With the strong influx of visitors to Southeastern Utah, the rule should be, "BE CAREFUL, THE HIGHWAY DOES NOT ONLY BELONG TO YOU!!!" 

Still alive, still willing to drive, but one pissed off woman!!!

Mary Cokenour

UPDATE July 16, 2014

Even though I had already filed a complaint at their website, I also posted a link to this blog post to make them aware more quickly of the situation.  I received a response and notice the obvious lack of concern....all business. I followed the instructions and filed another report.

R+L Carriers: Mary, while we welcome comments and suggestions via our social media channels, safety concerns like yours are best reported directly to our safety department for immediate action. Please either call our safety department at 800-543-5589 or leave your concern on our website at http://www2.rlcarriers.com/contact/contactform (remember to choose "Safety Department" from the drop down menu).

UPDATE July 16, 2014

I received this email from the Safety Department:

Good morning Mrs Cokenour.

One of my Safety Directors investigated this as soon as I received your email. This was another company pulling an R+L loaded trailer for us.

The matter is being addressed with the other motor carrier.


Gerald Krisa
Vice-President of Safety


So now my question is, "Will something be truly done about this driver, or will the entire matter be swept under the rug while the company hopes I forget about incident?"

Stay tuned readers for further updates as they happen.

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