Saturday, May 25, 2013

Castle Valley and its Towers.

In this post I'm going to come forward in time, but travel backwards down Route 128; or forwards depending on whether you came from Interstate 70 or not.  Confused?  Depending on which internet mapping system you use, or paper maps, getting to Moab from Interstate 70 can be done in two ways.  First there is the all highway quick way: Interstate 70 to the Crescent Junction (Route 191) exit straight down into Moab; the closer you get to Moab, the more scenic the landscape.  The second way is to take Interstate 70 to the Cisco (Route 128) exit which will weave you along the Colorado River, through Castle Valley, past La Sal Loop Road and eventually to Route 191 and Moab itself.  Roy and I have done both, and the second way is the one we tell new visitors to the area; it is not only more scenic, it will totally blow your mind!

When we first traveled the route from the Cisco exit, we came upon the sign that lead to Fisher Towers (about 25 miles from Route 191 and Moab).  Unfortunately our car could not traverse the ungraded rock and dirt road, so while we saw the Towers from a distance, we could not see The Corkscrew formation.  However that has changed; Grand County has been working on the roads to make them more accessible to all types of vehicles, not just 4 wheel drive.  The landscape is not being ruined with concrete and paved roads, but with highly graded dirt roads that, while bumpy if in a car, still give more visitors access to sites. 

Ok, here comes the plug; this poor travel blogger only has a car, so cannot go gallivanting to sites until hubby has days off from work; he has the one SUV we own.  So, if any outfitters or travel businesses would love to provide me with an SUV or Jeep; put all the logos you want on it for advertising, and I can go practically anywhere to keep this travel blog full of photos and information.  Consider it a very, very Win-Win partnership.  Now back to our featured presentation...

As I mentioned, Fisher Towers is about 25 miles from Route 191 in Moab; Cutler and Moenkopi sandstone, caked in our ever present red mud.  It almost feels as if you are looking at the landscape of Mars.  Climbers love these towers, and they've been featured in films (Austin Powers in Goldmember) and commercials.  Coming in from the Cisco exit, the valley opens up to reveal the Towers, and your imagination immediately thinks "castle".  Remember, we are in Castle Valley, and the formations are magical.

Fisher Towers

From the Fisher Towers area, Castleton Tower and The Rectory can be seen six miles in the distance.

After having a full day out along Route 128, traveling back towards Moab for a highly deserved good meal was number one on the mind.  Getting home and sleeping as soundly as the stone formations we had experienced...priceless.

Mary Cokenour

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